Our Doctors

As neurosurgeons our doctors are highly trained, having spent at least seven years in an accredited residency program. Several received even more focused training through additional residencies or fellowships.

All of our doctors are either board-certified or board-eligible. Those who are board-certified have gained sufficient clinical experience, completed an approved educational program, and passed tests showing they have the knowledge and skills to deliver high-quality care in their chosen specialty. Those who are board-eligible have begun the process of becoming certified; they have completed a residency and passed a written test in their specialty area. After that, they must undergo a one-year review of their clinical work and pass an oral test to become board-certified.

Our Doctors

All of our doctors are faculty members at Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. In that capacity, they conduct research and train residents.

Though each of our physicians maintains an independent practice, our patients enjoy the benefits of a highly specialized team in that we consult with each other, attend to one another’s patients when needed, and always have someone on call to handle emergencies.

Our Allied Health-Care Professionals

The Neurosurgery Foundation embraces a team approach to patient care. Your healthcare team includes your neurosurgeon, residents, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners.

  • Residents are fully licensed physicians receiving advanced training in their chosen specialty. Neurosurgery Foundation doctors help mentor residents through the approved residency training program in neurosurgery offered by Rhode Island Hospital and Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University.
  • Physician assistants are certified health-care practitioners who work with, and under the supervision of, one or more physicians. They receive two to four years of science training, followed by two to four years of medical course work and clinical training. Some pursue additional specialty training. Physician assistants may prescribe medications.
  • Nurse practitioners are registered nurses with additional training in assessing and managing common illnesses and injuries. Many have a master’s degree. They may prescribe certain medications.

Our collaborative approach enables us to match the level of care to each patient’s needs. Team members communicate regularly with each other to coordinate your care.

Patients should feel free to ask any member of the healthcare team to describe their credentials.

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