Program Objectives

The BMS / Rhode Island Hospital Residency Program in Neurosurgery trains residents in the operative and nonoperative evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of patients with disorders of the nervous system. In addition, it cultivates their research potential and teaching skills.

Our program prepares residents to:

  • apply knowledge of the basic and clinical sciences to the management of neurosurgical disorders;
  • demonstrate competence in the surgical techniques required of board-certified neurosurgeons;
  • make sound clinical, ethical, and legal decisions;
  • collaborate effectively with other health-care professionals;
  • teach patients and families of all age groups according to their needs;
  • value education as a lifelong process;
  • conduct independent research and evaluate others’ research;
  • provide cost-effective care to neurosurgical patients and their families; and
  • practice medicine in a way that respects the religious and cultural beliefs of patients and their loved ones.


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