Department of Neurosurgery

Keeping Faith in Stride

“One March day in 2016, Faith Helm, then 49, took a long morning run as part of her training regimen for an upcoming Boston Marathon. Then she was off to work…

As she prepared for a meeting, Helm suddenly felt dizzy and disoriented, and soon felt a brief paralysis. Something was very wrong. She got through her meeting, but noticed immediately that her face was drooping.

She went to her local hospital and was immediately transferred to Rhode Island Hospital, the state’s only Comprehensive Stroke Center. There, Helm met Ryan McTaggart, MD, a brain aneurysm expert and director of Interventional Neuroradiology.”

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Ryan A. McTaggart, MD

Associate Professor of Diagnostic Imaging, Neurology, and Neurosurgery
Director, Interventional Neuroradiology