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Day of Giving with Ziya Gokaslan

Ziya Gokaslan, MD Chief Neurosurgery, talks about a particularly challenging case and the outstanding team at Rhode Island Hospital, the only level 1 trauma center in the state.

Hijastro de Lucero revela cómo fue el accidente que casi le cuesta la vida

Michel Kuri Jr. sufrió un accidente en paracaídas estrellándose con fuerza contra la tierra, lo cual le ocasionó múltiples lesiones.

Day of Giving: Skydiving

It was a near fatal skydiving accident for a young man from Mexico. His odds of survival were slim to begin with, his chance of walking even slimmer. But a recommendation for this man to come to Rhode Island Hospital gave him a new lease on life.

It’s Like Magic: Cutting-edge technology available in RI to treat essential tremors

(WPRI) — An estimated 10 million Americans are living with a condition most commonly misdiagnosed as Parkinson’s Disease called essential tremor (ET), and doctors in Rhode Island are able to help treat it with neurosurgical technology.

Advances In The Treatment Of Movement Disorders Webinar

Brown Neurosurgery - On November 17, 2021 The Department of Neurosurgery hosted a webinar providing detailed information about treatment options for movement disorders and answering patient questions. The recorded webinar is embedded here for on-demand viewing.

RI Hospital Performs Incision-Less Brain Surgery

ABC 6 - Dr. Wael Asaad describes the groundbreaking procedure as a "cutting edge option without the cutting."

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