Brain Tumor Surgery


The Brown University Brain Tumor Surgery Division at Rhode Island Hospital combines multidisciplinary clinical care with cutting edge basic research in the diagnosis and treatment of intracranial benign and malignant tumors. Our team of specialized neurosurgeons, neurooncolongists, and radiation oncologists share deep expertise in the treatment of acoustic neuromas, pituitary tumors, meningiomas, metastatic disease, gliomas and lymphomas.

We offer treatments ranging from surgery, to chemotherapy, and advanced radiation therapies, such as Intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT), GammaKnife and CyberKnife. Our division has a dedicated lab for brain tumor research collaborating with leading academic institutions to develop novel treatments for our patients.

Our Team

Division Director

Steven A. Toms, MD

Professor of Neurosurgery and Radiation Oncology
Vice-Chair, Department of Neurosurgery
Director, Brain Tumor and Stereotactic Radiosurgery Program

Neurosurgery Department Team

Prakash Sampath, MD

Associate Professor of Neurosurgery
Director, Brain Immunotherapy Program
Director, Neurosurgery at Roger Williams Medical Center

Curtis E. Doberstein, MD

Professor of Neurosurgery
Executive Vice-Chair, Clinical Operations
Director, Cerebrovascular and Skull-base Surgery Division
Director, Neurosurgery Residency Training Program

Deus J. Cielo, MD

Associate Professor of Neurosurgery
Director,Peripheral Nerve Surgery Division
Co-Director,Stereotactic Radiosurgery Program
Director,Miriam Hospital Neurosurgery Program

Multidisciplinary Team

Heinrich D Elinzano, MD
Alexander C Mohler, MD

Radiation Oncologists
Timothy J. Kinsella, MD
Jaroslaw T. Hepel, MD
Thomas A. DiPetrillo MD
M. Yakub Puthawala MD
Kara Lynne Leonard MD

Douglas C Anthony PHD, MD
Edward G Stopa, MD
John E Donahue, MD

Advanced Practitioners
Joseph Flynn, NP, Neurosurgery
Arieana A. Carcieri, NP, Neurology

Conditions We Treat

Benign Tumors
acoustic neuromas(vestibular schwannoma), pituitary tumors (or pituitary adenoma), meningiomas

Malignant Tumors
metastatic cancers, gliomas, lymphomas, chordomas, chondrosarcomas, esthesioneuroblastoma


Neurosurgery Department

Glioma cell migration
Glioblastoma stem cells
RNA regulation of glioblastoma
2D and 3D co-culture models

Molecular Neuroscience and Neuro-Oncology Laboratory

CAR T cells in glioblastoma

The Brain Tumor Immunotherapy Research Laboratory

Other Labs

Robert Langer, Phd (MIT)
Hydrogels and drug delivery

Irving Weinberg,MD PhD
Advanced MRI and magnetic nanoparticles in drug delivery

Bodour Salhia, PhD (USC)
Epigenetics of metastasis. study why cancers move and especially why they migrate to the brain

Jack Elias, MD (Brown University)
The role of the chitosome and inflammation in cancer

Ou Chen, Phd (Brown University)
Development of nanoparticles for drug delivery and tumor detection (department of nanoparticles for glioma discovery / therapy)

Jonghwan Lee, Phd (Brown Univeristy)
optical coherence tomography (OCT) in glioma


TrueBeam Radiotherapy System

GammaKnife Radiosurgery System

CyberKnife Robotic Radiosurgery System

“It’s very exciting to be able to meet with patients and tell them, yes, you have a devastating diagnosis of a brain cancer but we have some novel therapies now that I hope we’re going to be able to get you through to the other side and to help you survive this cancer for a long time.”

– Steven A. Toms, MD

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Providence, RI 02903
Phone: (401) 793-9166
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