Spinal Surgery Division


Spinal Surgery Division within the Department of Neurosurgery at Brown University and Rhode Island Hospital is comprised of surgeons and clinicians dedicated to the evaluation and treatment of patients suffering from a wide range of disorders of the spine and spinal cord. Our team includes world-class experts, utilizing a patient-centered, multidisciplinary approach with innovative surgical and nonsurgical techniques specifically designed for and individualized to each patient.

Subspecialty Centers

  • Degenerative Spinal Disorders Center
  • Spinal Column and Spinal Cord Tumor Center
  • Spinal Innovation and Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Center
  • Minimally Invasive Endoscopic Spine Center
  • Congenital Spinal Disorders Center
  • Spine Trauma and Spinal Emergencies Center
  • Spinal Radiosurgery Center

Our Team

Department Chair


Neurosurgery Department Team


Neurosurgery Department

Clinical Trials
Vertex – Open
In Vivo – Closed
PTRON – Open
MTRON – Open
P. Acnes – In development

Other collaborations 
Brown University – Lisa Merck, MD Emergency Medicine
Brown University – David Borton, PHD Brown Biomed Engineering

“We have what we feel is a very comprehensive and sophisticated spine program in that it is multi-disciplinary and multi-subspecialized and entirely patient-centered.”

– Adetokunbo A. Oyelese, MD, PhD

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