Administrative Staff

Mustafa F. Mazlumoglu, MSc, MBA

Vice President, Neurosurgery & Neurosurgical Innovation
Norman Prince Neurosciences Institute
Norman Prince Spine Institute

Tara Bautista

Clinical Manager

Lynnette Berube

Project Manager

Jim Conway, RN, MS, NE-BC

Director of Clinical Operations

Raymond Geremia, MBA

Director of Business Operations

Andrew O’Brien

Business Manager

Kerri Kern, RN, BSN, NE-BC

Program Clinical Manager for The Division of Spine Surgery
Krystyna Marsella

Krystyna Maxwell

Academic Coordinator
Roselee Rego

Roselee Rego

Program Manager, Administrative and Academic Affairs

Sharon Banks, RN, MS

Patient Navigator

Kimberly Starks-Mello, BSN, RN, NE-BC

Clinical Manager - Norman Prince Spine Institute

Cynthia Rico

Practice Manager - Norman Prince Spine Institute

Scott Martin, RN, MHA NE-BC

Clinical Manager - Norman Prince Spine Institute at Newport Hospital

Cindy-Lee Andreason

Office Manager - East Greenwich

Neva Morales-Grajales, MSc, MBA

Research Program Manager

Darlene Gaudet, BA, MS

Research Program Administrator – Grants & Contracts

Owen P. Leary, ScB

Research Program Administrator – Clinical Trials & Laboratories

Kendall Rivera Lane

Medical Illustrator