TrueBeam Radiotherapy System


What it is

TrueBeam is an innovative system that uses Image-Guided Raditation Therapy (IGRT) to quickly and precisely treat a range of complex cancer types. TrueBeam employs several treatment approaches within one system, allowing doctors to tailor the type and intensity of treatment to meet the needs of individual patients.

Who can benefit

TrueBeam is versatile enough to treat patients with a variety of cancer types, allowing us to treat patients with cancer of the lung, brain, prostate, liver, and other body systems, with the same speed and accuracy, and less time spent in treatment.

How it works

The versatility of TrueBeam begins with the fact that it moves around the body and is able to deliver radiation therapy from any angle. TrueBeam works quickly, sending images in real time to allow radiation oncologists to accurately deliver high doses of radiation where needed, while sparing surrounding healthy tissues. TrueBeam features the benefit of respiratory gating, which gives us the ability to sync the timing of radiation with the patient’s normal breathing, minimizing radiation exposure and allowing us to treat a tumor that may be moving, such as a lung tumor, only when it sits still between breaths.

Image credit: Varian