Neuro-Navigation with BrainLab Curve™ Image Guided Surgery and Kick® Purely Navigation

What it is

In the Department of Neurosurgery, we use the BrainLab Curve Image Guided Surgery and Kick Purely Navigation for neuro-navigation. The BrainLab systems use preoperative / intraoperative imaging that is registered to the patient’s head or spine, to localize the site of pathology precisely and avoid injury to nearby important structures. The Curve is composed of a free standing, adjustable telescopic camera and two multi-directional HD monitors for surgical visualization. The Kick is a more compact, free-standing, telescopic camera and one HD monitor for surgical visualization.

Who can benefit

BrainLab neuro-navigation systems are now used for brain tumor resection and biopsy, epilepsy surgery, and spine surgery.

How it works

The preoperative / intraoperative imaging is matched to the surface anatomy to create an accurate 3D intraoperative model of either the head or the spine.

Image credit: BrainLab