Ziehm Mobile C-Arm


What it is

The Ziehm mobile C-arm is an intraoperative X-ray that uses an 180 degree rotation to construct 3D datasets for surgical purposes. The C-arm is compatible with neuro-navigation and is often used collaboratively. This device provides X-ray images in real time, allowing the surgeon to monitor progress at any point during the operation.

Who can benefit

The mobile C-arm is ideal for orthopedic, trauma and spinal surgeries.

How it works

A C-arm is a generator (X-ray source) and an image intensifier or flat-panel detector. The C-shaped connecting arm allows movement in all directions, so that X-ray images of the patient can be produced from almost any angle.

The image intensifier or detector converts the X-rays into a visible image that is displayed on the C-arm monitor. The surgeon can identify details on the image such as blood vessels, bones, kidney stones and the position of implants and instruments at any time.

Image credit: Ziehm