Research in the Department of Neurosurgery

The Lifespan and Brown University Department of Neurosurgery is actively engaged in translational science and clinical research spanning the breadth of neurological disease. Major areas of interest include cancers of the brain and spine, cerebrospinal fluid disorders, brain and spine trauma, pain, epilepsy, spinal neuroprosthetics, and neuromodulation for movement, cognitive and psychiatric disorders. Our team of neurosurgeon scientists, clinical researchers, and senior research faculty push the boundaries of current knowledge to attain better patient outcomes and create new therapies.

Our faculty collaborate with clinicians and scientists in other hospital departments, including Neurology, Psychiatry, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, Neuro-Oncology, Neurocritical Care, Interventional Radiology, and Emergency Medicine. In addition, our faculty participate in a wide variety of ongoing collaborations with the Brown University Carney Institute for Neuroscience and affiliated groups such as Neuroscience, Neuro-Engineering and Cognitive, Linguistic and Psychological Science

Acoustic Neuroma

Most Recent Research Publications

Rapid motor fluctuations reveal short-timescale neurophysiological biomarkers of Parkinson’s disease

Evaluation of the Structure of Myodural Bridges in an Equine Model of Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes

Isolation and characterization of patient-derived CNS metastasis-associated stromal cell lines

An Electroencephalography Bioassay for Preclinical Testing of Analgesic Efficacy

Research Statistics

Research Funding
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Research Faculty

Wael F. Asaad, MD, PhD

Sidney A. Fox and Dorothea Doctors Fox Associate Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Science
Associate Professor of Neurosurgery and Neuroscience
Director, Functional Neurosurgery and Epilepsy Program
Director, Cognitive Neuro-physiology and Neuro-modulation Laboratory

Jared S. Fridley, MD

Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery
Director, Spinal Outcomes Laboratory

Petra M. Klinge, MD, PhD

Professor of Neurosurgery
Director, Pediatric Neurosurgery Division
Director, Center for CSF Disorders of the Brain and Spine

Nikos Tapinos, MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Neurosurgery
Director, Molecular Neuroscience and Neuro-Oncology Laboratory

Radmehr Torabi, MD

Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery
Director of Endovascular Neurosurgery Program
Director of Cerebrovascular Surgery and Endovascular Neurosurgery Outcomes Laboratory

Research Staff and Contact Info

Karina Bertsch

Karina Bertsch, MSW, CCRP

Clinical Research Program Administrator

Darlene Gaudet, BA, MS

Clinical Research Assistant

Owen P. Leary, ScB

Research Program Coordinator

Sarah Brown, BS

Clinical Research Assistant

Jennifer Delcompare, BS

Clinical Research Assistant

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Karina S. Bertsch
Rhode Island Hospital
APC Building, Floor 6
593 Eddy St, Providence RI 02903

Phone: (401) 793-9177; (401) 606-8388
Fax: (401) 606-4011

All Research Laboratories

Center for Innovative Neurotechnology for Neural Repair

Cerebrovascular Surgery and Endovascular Neurosurgery Outcomes Laboratory

CSF Disorders Laboratory

Molecular Neuroscience and Neuro-Oncology Laboratory

Spinal Surgery Outcomes Laboratory

The Brain Tumor Immunotherapy Research Laboratory

The Neurophysiology & Neuromodulation Laboratory