Faculty Patents

  • Gokaslan Z, Khanna A, Prince J, Siewerdsen JH. MR-LevelCheck – A Method for Automatic Localization of Structures in Projection Images (D13076) Report of Invention Filed 5/12/2014.
  • Gokaslan Z, Otake Y, Siewerdsen JH, Wang A. System and Method of Information Fusion using an Optical Projector in Medical Interventions (D12264) Reported Invention Filed 12/12/2012.
  • Asaad W, Lee S, Leary O*, Trac N^, Tahiry Z^, Rastogi R^. Coupled annulus and catheter system for placement of biocompatible brain electrodes and like devices. US patent: 20,210,138,235 A1.
  • Asaad W, Lee S, Lauro P*. Brain implantable device. US patent: 20,220,072,314 A1.
  • Asaad W, Ahns M, Lee S, Lauro P*, Akbar U, Liu D*, Yu J*, Amaya D^. Neural biomarkers of parkinson’s disease. US patent: 20,220,015,686 A1.
  • Asaad W, Segar D*. Intracranial Fixation Device for Probes and Catheters. U.S. Patent: 20,150,141,926 A1.
  • Tapinos N, Toms S. Systems and Methods for Attracting and Trapping Brain Cancer Cells. US Patent No. 10,028,997.
  • Tapinos N, Toms S. Targeting Lck for the regulation of glioma cell migration and treatment of glioblastoma. Provisional Patent Application 62/248108.
  • Sengupta S. Methods for Treating Brain Tumors, 2017 (US Patent 9,650, 428)
  • Sengupta S. Methods and Compositions for Treating Cancer, 2017 (US Patent Application No. 15/590961)
  • Sengupta S. Compositions for Improving CAR-T Cell Functionality, 2017 (US Patent Application No. 62/588,519)
  • Sengupta S. Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cells Directed Against Fibulin-3 in Cancer, 2018 (filing in progress)

* Current or Former Brown University Alpert medical students
^ Current or Former Brown University undergraduate or graduate students