Department of Neurosurgery


Advancing Care in Newly Diagnosed Glioblastoma: A Patient Dialogue on Adjuvant Therapy and Quality of Life

Answers in CME presents a 0.5 CME credit activity with our own Steven Toms, MD, MPH on advancing treatment in newly diagnosed Glioblastoma in the form of a patient dialogue.

“John is an 84-year-old retired engineering professor living independently with his wife. He presented with several weeks of progressive left-sided weakness, fatigue, and staring spells. He endorsed an intermittent mild headache, and his legs have given out several times, nearly leading to falls.

He had an MRI and was found to have a lesion consistent with glioblastoma in the right temporal lobe. He underwent surgery, which went well. Molecular testing showed that he had an IDH wild-type tumor with MGMT promoter unmethylated glioblastoma. He and his wife are seeing you today to discuss the next steps in treatment.

My name is Dr. Steven Toms. To communicate with the patient, tap one of the prompts below. At various points, I have some brief information to share with you, which you can access by tapping ‘Hear from Dr. Toms.'”

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