Intensity Modulated Radiation
Therapy (IMRT)


What it is
Intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) is an advanced, computer-guided system for delivering controlled beams of radiation with the precision of a laser to hard-to-reach tumors.

Who can benefit
Because IMRT delivers accurate doses of radiation to specific areas while controlling the amount that reaches nearby healthy tissues, this treatment option may be ideal for patients with tumors that are difficult to reach by conventional means, as well as for patients who have already received maximum levels of radiation therapy through typical delivery.

How it works
Using state of the art computer guidance technology, IMRT allows the radiation oncologist to tailor the shape of a dose of radiation in three dimensions to meet the needs of a specific patient’s needs. This system allows us to treat the most complex and deeply hidden tumors, in some cases with stronger doses of radiation than we could use with traditional therapy, while minimizing the affect on surrounding tissues.