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5-year-old thriving following 24 hour-long brain surgery

“He was rushed to Hasbro Children’s Hospital on March 31.

“He had a very rare congenital abnormality of the arteries and the veins of his brain. he was likely born with it,” said Dr. Konstantina Svokos, a Pediatric Neurosurgeon at Hasbro.

Svokos said he needed surgery immediately.

“It’s one of those examples where we cannot wait. This is not elective surgery,” she said.

Not only that, his surgery was as complex as they come.

“It was very complicated,” she added.

Jaysaiah’s surgery took 24 hours–requiring a team of doctors which included Svokos and Dr. Ryan McTaggart, Director of Interventional Neuroradiology at Rhode Island Hospital and Dr. Curtis Doberstein, Director of Cerebrovascular Surgery at the hospital.

“She treated him as if he was her child so I trusted in her and I was really grateful for that because that made me feel a lot better,” recalled Reddick…”

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Konstantina A. Svokos, DO, MS

Associate Professor of Neurosurgery and Pediatrics
Director, Fetal Neurosurgery
Co-Director, Neuroplastics
Co-Director, Center for Surgical Treatment of the Developing Brain and Spine