Department of Neurosurgery


This month’s Top Doctors 2024 edition of Rhode Island Monthly highlights the Neurosurgery Department’s Dr. Jared Fridley and Dr. David Borton’s Intelligent Spine Interface research.

In a section entitled “Medical Breakthroughs”, the article discusses the researchers “device that could restore function for individuals with a spinal cord injury”.

“These devices enable the person’s spinal cord and nervous system to modulate over time to hopefully recover function,” Fridley says. “This is a first in human clinical study for this type of technology,” Borton says, “No one’s ever done this before.”


Jared S. Fridley, MD

Associate Professor of Neurosurgery
Director, Spinal Outcomes Laboratory
Director, Center for Innovative Neurotechnology for Neural Repair (CINNR Lab)

David Borton, PhD

Assistant Professor of Engineering, School of Engineering and Carney Institute, Brown University
Biomedical Engineer, Department of Veterans Affairs