Felicia Wang Sun, Mphil, MD is a neurosurgery resident at Brown Neurosurgery. At Harvard University, Felicia concentrated in Neurobiology with a secondary in Comparative Study of Religion. She went on to pursue a Master of Philosophy in Physiology, Development & Neuroscience at Cambridge University, where she studied the role of transcription factor Six6 in zebrafish retinal progenitor cell development. Before starting medical school, she spent two years as a research scientist at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Affective Science Lab, studying the neurobiology of superaging. She completed her Neurosurgery Research Education Foundation Medical Student Summer Research Fellowship at Stanford University, investigating gender differences in traumatic brain injury. In her short time at Brown University, she already cherishes the sense of family, fantastic and diverse mentors, and the freedom to be herself.

Harvard University

Cambridge University

Medical School:
University of Illinois at Chicago

Clinical Interests:

Research Interests:
The intersection of neurosurgery & gender

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