Dr Rohaid Ali is in his sixth year of neurosurgical training at Brown University. His award-winning research, which intersects neurosurgery, technology, and health systems science, has been published in leading journals, including Neurosurgery, JAMA Surgery, and NEJM AI, a new journal from the publishers of The New England Journal of Medicine. This work, recognized by over 50 national and international media outlets such as the Boston Globe, National Public Radio (NPR), and Britain’s TalkTV, has significantly influenced contemporary dialogue on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its role in healthcare. Dr Ali serves on the editorial board of multiple journals and has been an invited speaker at national neurosurgical conferences for his expertise on AI, including Spine Summit 2024 and the inaugural Digital Neurosurgery Conference. His pioneering work in utilizing AI to simplify medical literature for patients, work explicitly discussed at the White House’s Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence, has improved the surgical consent process for over thirty thousand patients annually in Rhode Island’s largest healthcare system.Upon completion of residency in 2025, Dr Ali will become the inaugural complex spinal neurosurgery fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital at Harvard Medical School.

2014 University of Pennsylvania, B.A.
2018 Stanford, M.D.

LPG Neurosurgery
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