Jonathan Poggi, MD is a resident at The Department of Neurosurgery. He attended Brown University for his undergraduate degree and Albany Medical College for Medical School. Much of who he is has been cultivated by my travels. Woven through those experiences are games of chess that he has played across the world. A timeless equalizer transcending cultural differences, chess has long been a way for him to communicate with others, a language that has no need for words. It is a means by which friends can be made, troubles can be solved, and futures may be contemplated. From the pyramids of Egypt to the top of Mount Olympus, from the shores of Morocco to the rolling plains of Mongolia, he is repeatedly moved by a single common thread—the shared desire for love, for happiness, and for health. He hopes to be able to have a positive impact on the people he encounters, be it through building cultural bridges via chess or traveling, or through the practice of neurosurgery.

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